Sun lounger

I’m beginning to think that he actually is just solar powered. Now if only my cat palm would revive as well.

What always gets me is that there’s always at least one appendage hanging over the side of whichever container he’s using. One leg, his tail, whatever. He’s not particularly large for a domestic cat so I’m assuming he’s just manspreading.

You’d think it would be uncomfortable. If I have a leg hanging over the side of the bed, it goes to sleep. Do cats not have that problem? Do they have different filling than us regular mammals? Where we’re a meat mech suit is he full of jello or something?


I have been wearing pjs for days. My body will soon meld with the couch.

Sometimes I think I should be more involved with pagan groups but then I remember how many of them use their faith as an excuse for total scientific illiteracy as well as a general lack of judgment and common sense. #solitaryforlife

To the Wind


The wind that whispers through the trees, what say you to me?

You wear the snowflakes with solemnity in quiet forests, putting the land to bed. And you wear them with savagery when you scream across fields, lashing out at anything that dares show itself during your wild hunt.

Both regalia are so beautiful and seem almost to contradict but you are governed by your own nature. The purpose of each mood is known only to yourself, as wild as any natural force that renders us impotent and paralyzed until the dance has played out.

Though I often wonder, what say you to me?

The Mermaid



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Part One


A city there was on the seashore, with gleaming towers that brushed the sky and rooftops that fought for space amongst themselves. In the distance green hills rolled lazily across the horizon.

Out to sea, woven into the weeds, shafts of sunlight skipped and played over coral like dolphins over the waves.

This beauty was lost on one who had become bored with it. The mermaid had risen early from her home on the ocean floor to watch the great city rouse itself from sleep and come alive under the sun. The familiar longing rose up inside her. She felt it must surely burst from her chest and carry her heart among the patchwork of distant homes.

The mermaid sighed quietly. The call of a gull overhead broke her reverie and brought her back from her daydreams with a sinking feeling. The shoal she lounged on seemed so common to her now, it held no dreams.

“I see the longing in your eyes,” said the gull. He knew the ways of the Sea Folk and that they were as fickle as their watery homeland. Desire and passion often slipped away as easily to them as the tides change. “I have seen many cities of men,” he continued. “There is nothing for you there. There is no place among men for one who above all else, would have her own way”.

The mermaid could only see the beauty and the strangeness of the city and understood only the emptiness of her own her. She did not think about he gull’s words, choosing instead to take offense – “I don’t look to the fancies tittering sea birds for advice,” she sneered with disdain. Casting a haughty look of indifference in his direction she slid into the warm, shallow water surrounding the shoal.

Despite her best efforts the gull’s words stayed with her all day and spoiled any small amusements she tried. So much did they gnaw at her that the mermaid resolved to prove him wrong and make a great change.

There are those among the Fair Folk who can change their appearance on a whim. Not all can however and for them, illusion and change must be had for a price. Mermaids fall into this latter category so on the following sunrise she sought help from another.

You would call this person a witch, though the Fair Folk would not. She lived in a cave by the shore where the sounds of waves made music on the rocks and silken ribbons of reflected light slid across the walls.

“I have come to make a bargain,” declared the mermaid as she pulled herself from the water to the rocky ledge at the mouth of the cave. The witch made no response but to tilt her head and jangle her bracelets. Unfazed, the mermaid continued “I wish to see the city and be amongst the humans there.”

The witch replied with a single word, “why?”

“Because I’m tired of the sea,” the mermaid replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “Every day I hear music and noise from the city. I see the people rushing about. I see carts and flowers and beautiful clothing. I will be a part of it!” she ended with unintended ferocity.

“It’s a great bother to make such a change for something as trivial and passing as boredom,” the witch answered with assessing the mermaid with long practice.

For her part the mermaid dared not make such a reply as she had made to the gull. Only a fool would dare offend someone possessing the powers as the witch. “I will be a part of it!” the mermaid insisted.

Again, the witch answered with a single word, “alright”.




Raindrops falling on my head

telling me to go back to bed.

Raindrops pooling on the road

and listless to the drainpipe flowed.

Raindrops whisper of coming Spring

and tease the little birds to sing.

Still, the day is grey

and blank of sky,

that draws from many

a lethargic sigh.

Let’s count the days until we see the sun and the winter’s frozen grip is done!

Of Cats


Of Cats

Softly, silent paws glide like velvet on the floor.

A furtive look, with an impish dash to hide behind the door.

Midnight fur, eyes of green, and a tail with a crook

Skittering claws, a springing leap –

Get down cat! You aren’t a book!


Denied his throne he slinks away

Oh cruel injustice will it never end?

Inside his cave he I stroke his ears

Because after all, we’re friends.